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Our Story

southern classics elevated

In the South, it is widely known, that food is where the family gathers.  Around a cast iron skillet of grandma’s buttermilk biscuits, or a steaming pot of mama’s seafood gumbo, memories are made, life is shared with those we love, stories of our heritage are told, and traditions are born. Cooking for friends and family is a love language where we come from.


Kudzu Catering began as a dream to share our southern heritage through the classic recipes that we have grown up with and cherished. Passed down from generation to generation, these classics are rich in history, and a true testament to southern dining and all it represents. 


By bridging classic southern staples with refined cooking techniques Kudzu Catering offers a unique dining experience that transcends generations and brings southern heritage to life. Our culinary expertise, melded with traditional southern cooking, offers an elevated taste of the South - an upscale experience you won’t want to miss!

Chef preparing fresh vegetables for a catered dish.
unmached freshness & quality
Chef preparing freshly baked bread for a corporate catering event.
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